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10th Jan 2022

New study shows where exactly you’re most likely going to catch Covid


New data has shown where exactly we’re most likely to catch Covid-19, and the last place we expected it to be was while doing the weekly shop.

According to SAGE’s Virus Watch Study, they found that supermarkets were the one place that carried the highest risk of catching Covid.

Researchers have said that this could be linked to “social activities” outdoor sports was the second-highest chance of catching the virus.

Visiting pubs, restaurants and using public transport were also said to be activities that have an increased risk of getting the virus prior to the Omicron surge.

The Mirror reported that people were nearly 2.2 times more likely to get Covid-19 while doing their weekly shop than anything else.

Those who go to a pub, restaurant and using public transport were 1.3 times more likely of testing positive. The study looked at 10,000 cases over the span of September and November last year.

Outdoor sport is said to have a risk level of 1.36 per cent and those who leave their home for work were more susceptible to catching it than those who work from home, which was expected.

While this information was collected, the experts were unable to gather data that showed how risky the cinema, concerts or nightclubs were. The same applied to hairdressers, barbers, nail salons or beauty salons.

According to the study, the highest risk activities were as follows:

Shopping – 2.18%
Playing a sport outdoors – 1.36%
Using a bus – 1.31%
Eating at a restaurant or cafe – 1.29%
Using public transport more than once a week – 1.28%
Going to a pub, bar or club – 1.28%
Going to a party – 1.27%
Going to a gym or indoor sports – 1.27%
Leaving home for work – 1.2%
Using a taxi – 1.19%
Using an overground train or tram – 1.18%