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15th Jan 2018

Netflix users warned over ‘sophisticated’ e-mail scam

Customers are urged to be careful.

Keeley Ryan

Netflix has issued a warning to its customers over a “sophisticated” e-mail scam aimed at stealing credit card information.

Customers are being told they need to “update their card details” in an e-mail stating a payment to the streaming service has been declined.

The e-mail, which was first spotted by Australian cybersecurity company MailGuard, reads:

“We attempted to authorise the Amex card you have on file but were unable to do so.”

The e-mails contain Netflix as the sender name and include the Netflix logo.

An ‘update payment’ button is included in the body of the email, which re-directs the user to a separate phishing website.

The convincing-looking page asks users to put in their credit card details, and if they do so, they are re-directed to a real Netflix page.

The streaming service’s customers are being urged to remain wary about the scam – and report it immediately if they should spot it.

Netflix have a warning on their website as to what customers should do if they receive a “suspicious email or text message”.

It says:

“If you suspect you have received a fraudulent email or text message that appears to be from Netflix, follow these tips to keep your information safe and secure, and follow the steps below to report the message:

“Never enter your login or financial details after following a link in an email or text message.

“If you’re unsure if you’re visiting our legitimate Netflix website, type directly into your web browser.

“Never click on any links or open any attachments in an email or text message you received unexpectedly, regardless of the source.

“If you suspect an email or text message is not from Netflix, do not reply to it. Follow the steps below to forward it to us.”