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30th Mar 2023

Mum tells parents to “trust your gut” after little girl is rushed to A&E

Kat O'Connor

A mum has issued a warning to other parents after her little girl was rushed to hospital.

Krisha Jensen Burt noticed her daughter had some discharge in her eye when she first woke up.

At first, she didn’t think anything of it, but her little girl’s eye started to get progressively worse.

She decided to trust her gut and visited her pediatrician just to rule out anything serious.

Her daughter’s doctor believed Lany had pink eye, but told her mum to look out if the skin got redder, if there was an increase in swelling, and if the eye and surrounding area were hot to touch.

“It started to freak me out a bit how fast it was getting worse and worse. It started that morning and within a few hours it had changed a tonne.”

Lany’s eye worsened just half an hour later. Discharged started oozing from the little girl’s eye and it was red and swollen too.

Her doctor was concerned she had orbital cellulitis so Krisha rushed her daughter to the emergency room.

Lany’s mum took her to hospital.

Doctors administered antibiotics, but Lany was then transferred to another hospital that was more equipped to care for children.

They conducted blood tests and a CT scan, which was clear.

Doctors believed Lany had periorbital cellulitis, which they treated with antibiotics.

Thankfully, the antibiotics worked and her little girl started to improve quickly.

Krisha urged other mums to always trust their guts when it comes to their children’s health.

“What an unexpected 24 hrs… long story short, follow your gut and remember it is ALWAYS better to be safe, than sorry!! ugh, I just love my Lany bug and it made me so sad to see her go through this:( so thankful for all her doctors and everyone who took such great care of her.”

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