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03rd Apr 2023

Molly-Mae Hague shares trick to dealing with Bambi’s trapped wind

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She has been up all night.

Molly-Mae Hague has always been an open book when it comes to posting on social media and it’s no different since she has become a mum.

Following her confession that she has been struggling a lot with her body image since welcoming baby Bambi, Molly-Mae is sharing some new hacks she has discovered since becoming a parent.

Taking to her Instagram stories on Monday, the Love Island star opened up about her sleepless night as Bambi was having a few issues with trapped wind.

Keeping Molly and Tommy Fury up for most of the night out of discomfort, the influencer revealed Tommy had been up at the break of dawn to get hold of the only product that could ease it – gripe water.

Sharing a photo of Bambi asleep in her arms, Molly wrote: “Not every Monday can be productive… We’ve been up all night.

“Tommy was waiting at the doors of Tesco when it opened this morning at 6am to get gripe water for her (which by the way is my number one top product for a newborn with trapped wind).”

In a follow-up post, she gave a little bit more detail into how the product has changed her life.

She said: “I used to walk past this in the shops and think ‘what and old fashioned looking product’.

“Now it literally saves my life.

“We just dip her dummy in it and it calms her SO much.”

What is gripe water and how does it work?

Gripe water is an over-the-counter liquid supplement of sodium bicarbonate and herbs, which claims to ease gas pains and other stomach problems for babies.

It also claims to soothe teething pain, hiccups and sometimes even colic.

Many parents are sceptical when it comes to using this but experts claim that the product may work simply due to the sweet taste it gives and soothes fussier babies.

Others claim it is the ingredients like dill, fennel and ginger that help ease gas problems.

Originally in the 1850s, gripe water contained alcohol and it was assumed this helped relax a baby, which we know now not to be the case.

While containing natural ingredients, it is advised to discuss using gripe water with your paediatrician before using it and should be used as a backup to abdominal massage, tummy time or leg bicycling.

The use of gripe water should stop as soon as your baby reaches the age of four to six months.

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