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10th Jun 2020

Model Joanna Cooper has introduced her new puppy ‘Kevin’ to the world

Puppies with human names, delightful.

Niamh Maher

Puppies with human names… I’m in heaven.

We’ve heard that we can expect a baby boom in nine months due to lockdown but it seems there’s a puppy boom happening right now.

Just a couple of weeks ago we saw RTE presenter Doireann Garrihy welcome the adorable ‘Bertie‘ on her birthday and now model Joanna Cooper has introduced us to ‘Kevin’.

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Meet Kevin ?

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Speaking about the pup on her Instagram stories, the former Miss Universe Ireland revealed he’s a ‘Cavapoo’ which is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a Poodle.

That’s pretty much all we know thus far but between Doireann’s ‘Bertie’ and Joanna’s ‘Kevin’ we’re very much on board with calling puppies human names.

Although it’s fantastic seeing these new bundles of furry delight on Instagram, it’s important to remember that puppies grow into dogs and you shouldn’t get one unless you are 100% committed to their care.

Highlighting the issues of puppy farms, Doireann recently did an Instagram live with an organisation called PetBond.

PetBond is an online platform where all the pets available are from rescue centres or approved breeders. The aim of the resource is to encourage people to source their pets ethically and avoid places like Done Deal where many  animals come from puppy farms.

Check out Doireann and Bertie’s Instagram live here .