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06th Dec 2022

Ireland’s maternity benefits could double under new scheme

Minister Heather Humphreys is reportedly considering raising maternity benefit payments in Ireland.

Some mums-to-be in Ireland can currently avail of welfare support, but they only receive €250 a week.

According to The Irish Mirror, Humphreys wants to introduce pay-related welfare schemes.

This means unemployed people who paid PRSI for 5+ years would be entitled to 60% of their gross weekly salary. However, Minister Humphreys confirmed this would be capped at €450 a week.

The person would also have to have paid PRSI in the 6-12 months before they lost their job to get the higher sum.

They will also only receive the higher payment for around six months. They would then receive regular benefits.

Those who paid less than two years of PRSI will likely receive regular welfare payments of €208 a week.

She hopes for this scheme to be introduced in the coming weeks.

The Irish Mirror has learned that maternity benefits are set to be included in the scheme.

If the scheme is approved then expecting parents could receive up to €500 in maternity benefits. This is double what they currently earn.

A source explained to The Irish Mirror, “This is about softening that sudden income shock that many workers face at some stage or another during their lifetime.”

Humphreys has not yet confirmed official figures, but sources claim maternity benefits could double under the new scheme.