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12th Jul 2023

Met Eireann’s latest forecast pinpoints return of summer weather

We’re not quite there yet, but better days are coming

Don’t all rush at once to get your bucket and spade, but this indecisive and entirely unhinged weather we’ve been having is due to shuffle off around the end of July. Hallelujah, etc.

Met Éireann’s extended range forecast says that “current forecast data indicates mean air temperatures will trend near to slightly above average”. Slightly above average? We’ll take that.

They continued to say that “rainfall amounts are expected to be close to the August weekly climatological average”. Now, we’re not meteorologists, but that sounds like good news. It’s not a heatwave, but look – it’s better than getting caught in a freak storm while you’re sunbathing.

They did also say that the recent spell of unsettled weather “is expected to continue through the week with low pressure positioned close to Ireland bringing spells of rain and blustery winds at times”, meaning it’ll be at least July 23rd before we’re able to reliably go for a walk in the sunshine without returning looking like we took a quick dip in the Shannon.

Our advice for now? Keep travelling with sunglasses, a raincoat, gloves, SPF and galoshes for the moment, but expect brighter news as we move into August.