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07th May 2019

Man on Twitter stunned to learn that women’s periods don’t stop at night

Rebecca O'Keeffe



Do you ever read something that leaves you truly speechless?

Well, that happened to us over the weekend, while scrolling through Twitter.

We read a conversation that a woman had with a man about periods, that left us speechless.

“I woke up in period blood which is always fun!” said Twitter user @farahgamo in the messages.

“How does that even happen?” replied the man…

“Umm… I got my period overnight??” Farah said.

To which he declared: “You’re really expecting me to know how periods work… that’s kinda crazy.”

Farah went on to chastise the man for being ignorant to women’s bodies – yes hun.

“I meant I didn’t know it was possible to get it overnight,” the man added, “That’s it.”


“How would it only happen during the day? You think our uterus waits for us to wake up?” wrote Farah.

“Cause the body shuts down during sleep?” put forward her friend.

And just like that, our faith in the human race lessened briefly.

Speaking to Metro, Farah spoke about the situation, which has since gone viral:

“Most people laughed with me while some insulted me saying I’m a b*tch and should’ve educated him.”

“But really if you’re 24 and have got no semblance of an idea how women’s menstrual cycles work that’s your conscious decision to be ignorant!”