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15th Dec 2017

Man raped by two women and then left at the side of the road

He is in a serious condition.
south africa

A man who was allegedly raped by two women and left at the side of the road is in a serious condition in hospital.

The 25-year-old was hitchhiking in Limpopo province in South Africa on Sunday when he said that two women stopped to pick him up.

He alleged that he was held at gunpoint and told to drink an unknown substance before he was raped.

Local news organisation Capricon Review has said that the man was then left “in a secluded area” before he made his way to a local police station to report the alleged incident.

He is in a serious condition.

This comes after a series of similar incidents occurred in the region.

The attacks are believed to be carried out by the so-called “semen bandits” who are thought to kidnap men and rape them, before releasing them.

Earlier this year, a man told police that he was raped repeatedly by three-women over the course of three days.

He had been travelling in a taxi in the region when the alleged incident occurred.

In 2011, a group women stopped by the authorities were found to have 31 condoms filled with semen in their possession.

Police are urging people to use “reliable public transport” during this time.