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22nd Apr 2017

A man has died after a parachute jump off the Cliffs of Moher

 A man has died after his parachute failed to open when he performed a jump off the Cliff of Moher in Co Clare.

According to RTÉ, the incident occurred at approximately 7am at Aill Na Searrach. He was part of a group who were performing base-jumps.

Base-jumping involves people jumping from fixed locations and wearing a parachute or wingsuit. It’s believed the first man of the group completed one jump safely before the second man jumped.

However, his jump was not successful and he died as a result, the Independent has confirmed.

It’s not clear at this point what led to the accident but it’s believed his parachute failed to open or he left it too late to deploy the parachute.

Emergency services were called to the scene and he was later removed to Galway University Hospital by helicopter where he was pronounced dead.