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26th Jun 2017

Justin Trudeau at the Pride parade in Toronto has just made our Monday

Good man yourself!

We know that our very own Leo Varadkar was very much front and centre of Dublin’s Pride festival.

However, Canada’s Justin Trudeau has really gone above and beyond – and the resulting snaps from Toronto have now made our Monday.

Justin Trudeau Pride Toronto

Firstly, he wore rainbow socks. And not just any old rainbow socks – but Ramadan rainbow socks… to mark the end of the Muslim festival.

He also proudly sported rainbow face-paint in the shape of a Canadian maple leaf.

Justin furthermore high-fived a little girl dressed as Wonder Woman and made sure to tweet that “love is love”.

So all-in-all, pretty great (sorry, Leo).

Sadly, his US counterpart President Donald Trump has failed to even acknowledge June as Pride Month (and even though President Barack Obama did so regularly during his eight-year term).

Here are some of our favourite resulting tweets from Toronto; it looked like a pretty great party.