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27th Nov 2017

The bitter chill continues: Sub-zero temperatures expected all week

We get one day of brief relief, and then the temperature is set to plummet again.

Rory Cashin

If you thought this weekend was bad, we’ve got some even worse news for you.

Yep, it does feel like Winter has finally descended upon us here in Ireland.

This weekend in particular had everyone running for the immersion, their biggest jumpers and their warmest jackets, as the temperatures plummeted enough to cause frost on the majority of roads across the country.

And now, according to the folks at Met Éireann, after just one day of brief and slight respite, weather conditions are going to continue to plummet as we continue further into December.

Here is what to expect from early next week:

Monday Day

A bright, blustery, showery day. Many of the showers will be heavy and prolonged, especially in southwestern, western and northern areas. Some local hail and thunder also. Temperatures 6 to 9 C., at best and feeling colder in the fresh to strong and gusty westerly winds.

Monday Night

Showers will become increasingly confined to the coastal fringes of Ulster, Connacht and west Munster, with a few turning wintry about higher ground. Turning cold under clearing skies with frosts forming, together with a risk of icy patches. Minimum temperatures of 0 to +4 degrees, coldest in the east. Fresh to strong northwesterly winds will fall light to moderate inland.

Tuesday Day

Cold, clear and crisp with long spells of sunshine in most parts. Occasional showers will continue to feature in Atlantic coastal counties and about the Ulster coast, however, turning wintry on higher ground. Afternoon highs will range 5 to 8 degrees Celsius and it will likely feel chilly in the mostly moderate northerly breezes which will be fresh to strong at times near coasts.

Tuesday Night

Showers in north Ulster and northwest Connacht, turning wintry inland and about higher ground. Elsewhere, largely dry and cold under clear skies. Lows of -2 to +3 degrees with a widespread frost forming and a risk of icy patches. North to northwest winds will fall light inland, but will remain moderate to fresh near coasts.

Wednesday Day

Long clear or sunny spells for many, but showers will continue to affect north Ulster and northwest Connacht, with some wintry precipitation possible inland. A cold day with afternoon highs of just 4 to 6 degrees Celsius in light to moderate northwest or northerly breezes.

Wednesday Night

Largely dry away from north and northwest coasts with long clear spells. Lows of -2 to +2 degrees with a widespread frost and a risk of icy patches.