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31st Mar 2022

Vicky Phelan “finally back walking” as she shares hopeful update

Kat O'Connor

“I can get out of the house.”

Vicky Phelan has shared a hopeful health update after taking a break from social media.

The mum delighted her followers with a new post yesterday evening and confirmed she is doing well.

She said she is finally back walking on her own two feet.

Vicky explained that she hasn’t been able to walk without an aid for the last few weeks.

She told her followers, “I’m BACK! For now anyway…I am finally back walking on my own two feet for more than a few feet without having to use a four-wheel or three-wheel mobility aid.”

“Oh boy, does it feel good,” Vicky shared.

She said that her back is still not great and she is experiencing pain, but she said it is manageable.

“I can only walk very short distances and am still in pain but it is manageable and I can get out of the house.”

To celebrate the major improvement, Vicky, her mother, and her godmother visited Adare Manor for their birthdays.

She said she honestly thought “it would never happen”, but the “human body and spirit are amazing”.

Vicky shared, “My aunt picked me up from my house and whisked us off to Adare Manor where we spent the whole afternoon drinking various different teas and coffees and enjoying the savoury and sweet treats that staff kept bringing to our table.

“We had a most fabulous afternoon and made more wonderful memories.”

Earlier in March, Vicky revealed she was in so much pain due to complications from her radiotherapy.

She said she never experienced pain like it.

She told her followers she wanted to take a break from social media to spend time with her loved ones.

“I need to focus on spending time with my family and friends. I hope that people understand.”