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02nd Jun 2018

HSE issues drug warning and safety information for all festival goers this weekend

Heading to any festivals?

Denise Curtin

Festival season is well and truly here.

And so, the HSE has released a warning and some safety information for all festival goers ahead of this weekend. With high dose batches of both MDMA and Ecstasy in circulation, the HSE want people to enjoy themselves thoroughly but to remember to exercise caution especially when taking any substance.

And following the tragic deaths of young adults in the UK recently from drug abuse on festival premises including that of Louella Fletcher-Michie who died from a 2CB overdose, the HSE want to make sure people heading to a festival are fully informed and in-the-know.

According to the, Dr Eamon Keenan, HSE Clinical Lead for Addiction Services warned:

“We are aware that there have been deaths and hospitalisations at festivals in the UK recently associated with the use of illicit drugs. We are also aware that there are high dose batches of ecstasy or MDMA in circulation.

“With this in mind as the festival season begins, we want to make people aware of our harm reduction information around drugs. Harm reduction benefits people who use drugs, their families and the community.

“Think about your health and avoid using drugs if you experience mental or physical health problems. We would encourage people to look after themselves and look out for their friends. Talk to your friends if you decide to use drugs.

“Stay with your friends and do not leave anybody who is intoxicated on their own.  If you are at a festival and you or a friend needs medical help, don’t be afraid to contact the welfare and emergency services. Always make sure when you arrive at a festival that you know where the Medical tent is located.