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08th Feb 2018

Hopes for Dublin to follow Cork in roll out of ‘Ask For Angela’ scheme

A fantastic campaign.

Denise Curtin

An idea which was first introduced in Waterford in November by the city council could now see expansion nationwide.

“Ask For Angela” is the code word for people who feel unsafe on a night out. It was introduced to act as an alert for bar staff to assist or remove a person who feels they are in an uncomfortable situation on a night out.

The initiative which first started in the UK two years ago and could now begin to take place all over Ireland as city councillors hope to get all bar staff trained in spotting the signs of someone who might need help and assistance while on a night out.

Introduced throughout Cork this week – the campaign will now feature posters in all bathrooms of bars and clubs reminding customers they can “ask for Angela” if they feel they need help from a member of staff.

Dublin now wants to follow suit and City Councillor Rebecca Moynihan said:

“With more people now using online dating apps to meet people they may find themselves in a situation where they don’t feel safe or something simply feels ‘off’, and this code of ‘Asking for Angela’ is a great way of letting staff know they might need help.”

The Councillor added: “Staff would of course be trained and told what to do if such a situation arises and provide options for the person, such as calling a taxi or a friend.”

“It’s great to see this scheme being rolled out in Cork City and trialled in other parts of the country, and I will be recommending to Dublin City Council that a similar arrangement is worked out here.”

Limerick bar Pharmacia is also running the “ask for Angela” campaign for their customers as well as Dundalk IT.

The campaign is supported by the gardaí who called for it to be introduced across the country on Crimecall last month.