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18th Apr 2014

Holy Jesus! Drogheda Man Creates Two-Acre Resurrection Image In A Field

Given the week that's in it...


While many are putting their efforts into finding somewhere to enjoy an alcoholic beverage today, one Drogheda man has taken on a task that is much more in keeping with the Easter theme.

Irish artist Richard Moore has created an image of the resurrected Jesus in a field in his home town, using fertiliser to help bring out the image from the surrounding grass. The amazing portrait covers two acres and is based on a Byzantine image of the resurrected Christ.


Richard told Mythical Ireland that the image stems from a line in the Psalms that reads ‘I will remove sin as far as the East is from the West’.

“Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection is the balance restored for mankind. The eyes of the image are on a line in that is on an east west line that extends all the way from Drogheda to Croagh Patrick, an alignment which also marks the Spring and Autumn Equinox sunrise and sunset. And of course Spring Equinox is the astronomical event from which Easter is calculated each year.”

The image took about two weeks to create and was marked with fertilizer along the outline of the image to help the grass grow faster so that the image would ‘appear’ out of the surrounding field.

Hat tip to Wayne Floyd/Irish Sky Systems Ltd for the photo and Laura Murphy for the heads-up!