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13th Jul 2019

High risk of large amounts of asthma-triggering pollen in Ireland this weekend

Rory Cashin

Met Éireann have also warned of a high UV count this weekend.

What is the opposite of silver lining?

When something arrives that seems almost entirely good, but comes with an edge of bad stuff, too?

Is there a term for that? Sound off in the comments!

Until we find out exactly what it is called, we’ll call this news a bit of a “copper lining”.

So, as we reported earlier this week, this weekend’s weather is set to be pretty great, with temperatures to get as high as 25 degrees, before the potential for so much rain early next week that it will lead to spot flooding.

But before all of that, the copper lining, which comes with good weather, official warnings of high UV index, as well as a pollen count high enough to warrant caution.

As per the announcement from Met Éireann, they have warned that the solar UV index is high in all provinces today (Saturday 13 July), while the pollen count is also predicted to be high all weekend:

“A high grass pollen risk can be expected during warm, sunny weather. Grass, weed and fungal spores are the allergens currently airborne. Fungal spores such as Cladosporium and Alternaria will be at high levels while warm, humid nights will allow for spores that trigger asthma to be airborne.

“We are at the peak of the grass pollen season so the risk will be high when temperatures are in the high teens or above.”

So there you have it. Get the sunscreen on, and if you are asthma sufferer, take all necessary precautions if you’re heading out today and over the rest of the weekend.