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26th Aug 2014

Heading To Electric Picnic This Weekend? This Is What The Weather Forecast Looks Like

That being said, we would still prepare for everything. Thunder, lightening, rain, the apocalypse.

If you are heading to Electric Picnic this weekend and if you are a seasoned professional, you will know that you absolutely need to prepare for all eventualities. The weather could indicate that we are having a freak heat wave but this is Ireland, there will be rain.

However, the weather forecast for the weekend doesn’t actually look too bad (crosses fingers, touches wood, prays to all of the weather Gods).

According to Met Éireann, mainly due to the conditions we are currently experiencing which would make us think we have skipped Autumn and gone directly to Winter, the weekend is due to be a little unsettled.

On the other hand, (keep praying) there is expected to be a lot of brighter conditions for most of Saturday and Sunday with just a “scattering” of showers.

And here comes the good news… There is a band of rain supposedly heading towards Ireland on Sunday so in other words, bring your raincoats. Hopefully, it will be VERY late and everyone will just be evacuating the campsites.

The usual, just prepare for absolutely everything, including the apocalypse.