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05th May 2022

Government set to scrap outdoor dining fees for another year

Another summer of sun.

Businesses in hospitality like bars and restaurants are set for another summer outside as the Government are set to get rid of any outdoor dining fees for another year.

With outdoor dining being the main dining experience last year due to high cases of Covid-19, and with social distancing rules in place at the time, outdoor dining was a huge success.

The hospitality sector was forced to adapt to the rules set out by health experts, the rules are expected to stay in place for this summer.

With no fees for hospitality, businesses managed to save thousands on these costs, with the government scrapping the cost to put tables and chairs on the street.

This is now set to continue as The Irish Mirror reports that the Dáil has passed a motion to refer a motion to approve the abolition of fees this year to a Dáil committee.

This will then come back to Local Government Minister, Darragh O’Brien, who will then get final say as he is the person in charge of local councils.

According to the Mirror, the proposal is currently being actively “considered” by the minister and has the necessary momentum and backing to get passed.

Fees for outdoor dining can reach thousands of Euro, with Dublin City Council’s fees charging an initial €100 for a licence, up to €500 for space rental and an annual fee of €125 per table on top of that.

With insurance on top of that, the scrapping of this fee is welcomed by businesses, with the Restaurants Association of Ireland chief executive, Adrian Cummins, telling The Mirror: “The Restaurants Association of Ireland welcomes the move to further exempt street furniture licence fees in 2022.

“This temporary measure was welcome during COVID restrictions but now as we learn to live with COVID it is a welcome measure by Minister O’Brien which will facilitate businesses impacted by increasing costs and inflation to broaden the offering of hospitality and bring it in line with European Cities who offer outdoor dining as part of Tourism and Hospitality.”