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04th Jan 2018

Government to carry out national survey on sexual abuse in Ireland

It will be the second report of its kind in 16 years

Olivia Hayes

It will be a “comprehensive examination.”

The government is set to carry out a new national survey on sexual abuse and violence in Ireland.

Minister for Children Katherine Zappone announced the news this morning, saying that it will be a “comprehensive examination” on sexual harassment in the workplace.

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“This examination is recognition of our belief in and support for all of those who have suffered sexual harassment, many of them silently, in the workplace,” Katherine wrote in The Journal.

The government want to examine if the country has adequate measures for employee protection.

The Minister continued: “We need to face up to the reality of sexual abuse, violence and harassment. We need to address it. We need to put policies and funding in place to combat it.”

This will be the second report of its kind in 16 years, as the last SAVI report on sexual violence was carried out in 2002.