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11th Mar 2014

Giant Shark From The Great White Family Washes Up On A Beach In Kerry

It's fine, we didn't need to go in the water this year anyway...

It wasn’t enough that Lovely Lydia is on her way to Ireland but now another shark has washed up on a beach in Kerry. This one is only six foot long however, only six foot long. (We keep telling ourselves that like it’s good news)

According to the Irish Examiner, the adult shark washed up in Tralee Bay. Marine biologist Kevin Flannery told the paper that the shark resembles the one from Jaws.

He said: “The porbeagle does look very like a Great White. People could be thinking that the Great White we have been talking about has landed in Kerry. They are from the same family. I’m sure it gave people a fright especially if they had heard the Great White coming close to Ireland.”

However, Flannery also commented that the cause of the female’s death is still a mystery as the shark seemed healthy.

Local photographer Bernard Fitzgerald discovered the shark while walking along the shore on Friday.

“It’s the first time that I have ever come across a shark in all the years that I have been walking the beach. I was really surprised that sharks were so close to our shores,” he commented.

The porbeagle however is not known to attack humans but we won’t be taking our chances on this one.

Image via Bernard Fitzgerald photography.