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09th Aug 2022

Galway dog charity sees surge in owners surrendering dogs

The charity is under a lot of pressure.

Madra, a dog charity based in Co. Galway, has recorded an increase in owners surrendering their pets.

In a thread on Twitter, the charity explained the pressure they are under.

They wrote: “Sadly, we have experienced a surge in the number of people looking to surrender their dogs directly into our care. We almost always have a waiting list and lately that waiting list has gotten even longer.

“Our main priority is to find a happy suitable and loving home for each and every dog who comes into our care, but if you are surrendering your dog; please, please be patient. The reality right now is that there are far more dogs in need of a home than available homes.”

The charity explained that they understand that owners find themselves surrendering their dogs for a variety of reasons.

“We understand that making the decision to surrender a dog is a very difficult and upsetting experience,” they wrote. “We also know that life is often unpredictable and people may one day unexpectedly find themselves in a position where they’re no longer able to care for their dog.”

They added that they don’t judge anyone who “wants what’s best for their dog.”

“Dogs are surrendered to MADRA for a variety of reasons from rental issues, lack of time, family illness and dog behaviour issues to name a few,” they wrote. “If you have behavioural concerns with your dog, this does not necessarily mean that you need to (be) surrendering them, so we strongly recommend seeking our professional advice from a qualified fear-free trainer or behaviourist.”

They added that if you are looking to surrender your dog, you may have to wait some time due to the burdens they are under. They also announced that they cannot take in dogs from outside Galway or Mayo.

For information on adopting a dog from Madra head to the link right here, and for resources on dog behaviourists, click here.