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07th Sep 2018

Dublin Bus starts new ‘175’ route this Sunday and here’s where it serves

Will you be using this route?

Denise Curtin

A brand new Dublin Bus route will commence this Sunday.

The route will travel between UCD and Citywest via Dundrum and Tallaght.

According to 98FM, this will be the first Dublin Bus operated by British bus company “Go Ahead” and therefore, you won’t be able to use your Dublin Bus app to get RTI for this route, instead, you’ll have to download the Transport For Ireland app which will feature all live information for both Dublin Bus and Go Ahead buses.

Go Ahead will be taking over 10 percent of Dublin Bus buses starting from October on a phased basis.

The new Go Ahead buses will look similar to Dublin Bus, however, the’re slightly darker blue but with the same yellow front. In time, all the buses will follow the same colour scheme.

After issues with how the buses looked, featuring concerns that the interior was all the same colour making it difficult for elderly and disabled people to see, CEO of the National Transport Authority Anne Graham said these issues have now been cleared up.

“We changed the front of the bus to put yellow on it so it’s more easily seen at night and we’ve changed the hand-rails so they’re yellow as well instead of grey,” she said.

You can board the 175 using all the same ID and cards as you do on Dublin Bus.