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06th Oct 2021

Fisherman rescues puppy thrown into canal in bin bag

A DSPCA worker holds a lurcher puppy in her arms.

The lurcher puppy is doing much better now.

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has said that they are caring for a puppy who was rescued after being thrown into a big in the canal.

Thankfully, a fisherman witnessed the dog being thrown into the canal and saved him before taking him to the DSPCA.

The puppy, who has been named River, is said to be “doing well”, according to the animal welfare charity.

The DSPCA shared photos of River and explained what happened on their Facebook page.

They wrote: “Last week while out fishing a man saw someone throw a large black sack into a canal. He just felt something was very wrong so he waited and fished it out with a net.

“Tucked inside the bag was a 10-12 week old Lurcher puppy. The very kind gentleman brought him home and kept him safe for a few days before bringing him up to the DSPCA.”

They continued: “River had pressure sores on his back legs most likely from lying on hard surfaces. They will heal over the next few weeks with soft bedding. His big brown eyes would melt your heart.

“To think he was thrown into a canal just to die is just not worth thinking about and is completely heart-breaking.”

They also gave an update on River’s condition now: “River is doing well and getting lots of care, cuddles and soft blankets, a far cry from what was in store for him.”

Unfortunately, River isn’t the only dog to have been cruelly dumped into Dublin’s canals. Last month, a Dublin woman shared her heartbreak on Liveline after the body of her dog Keisha was discovered in the canal. Karen Tierney said that she believes her dog had been abducted after she escaped from her house.