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05th Sep 2017

Disneyland Paris are searching for Irish cast members to join theme park

Ever fancy working at the happiest place on earth?

Keeley Ryan


Disneyland Paris are on the hunt for Irish cast members as they hold a recruitment drive in Dublin this month.

They are looking to fill several different kids of positions at the theme park during the event on September 13 and 14.

Some jobs up for grabs include greeting and ticketing hosts/hostesses, attraction operations, reception hosts/hostesses, bartenders and boutique salespeople.

The ad reads:

“Keen to work in France at Europe’s number one tourist destination?

“Are you curious, cheerful and enthusiastic? Do you have good French and English language skills?

“We will be in Dublin on 13th and 14th September to recruit for roles in sales, greeting and food and beverage.

“Your mission at Disneyland Paris will be to immerse guests in an enchanted world filled with unique experiences and contribute to memories that will last a lifetime.

“Apply now to join our teams! With 100 nationalities and 20 spoken languages, our cast members come from around the world.”

Anyone who is interested in a role is asked to apply online and, if they are successful, they will get a phone call asking them to come to the recruitment drive.

The ad goes on to explain that any would-be applicants will have their profiles reviewed by a recruiter.

It continues:

“During the session, we’ll tell you about Disneyland Paris and explain the positions currently available.

“You’ll then be interviewed by a recruiter who will carry out a brief assessment of your language skills.

“After the interview: If your interview was successful and there’s a position that matches your profile and availability, you’ll receive a job offer by mail and then a contract.

“If your interview was successful, but there are no positions that match your profile and/or availability dates, your application will be placed in our talent pool until there is a position that matches your profile and availability.

“If your interview was unsuccessful, you will be informed that your profile does not match the positions we offer.

“However, you can still apply for future offers online if you wish.”

Anyone who fancies working at Disneyland Paris should click here for more information.