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03rd Apr 2018

Classes on sexual consent WILL be introduced into secondary schools

Olivia Hayes

The Education Minister confirmed the news.

Sexual consent classes in secondary schools, as well as some primary schools, will be introduced later this year.

The Education Minister, Richard Burton, announced the news, as he said a whole new look needs to be taken at Relationships and Sexuality Education in the country.

Mr Burton has asked the National Council on Curriculum and Assessment to urgently look at a number of areas, including:

  • Consent: What is it and it’s importance
  • Contraception, as well as developments in the area
  • Healthy, positive sexual expression and relationships
  • Safe use of the internet
  • Social media and its effects on relationships
  • LGBTQ+ matters

Up until now, all secondary schools are required to teach RSE, however it can be altered according to the school’s ethos.

Some schools around the country get a thorough education, while others barely touch on the subject.

Mr Burton is looking for a nationwide programme to be carried out in every secondary school in the future.