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07th Nov 2018

A Chinese city has essentially banned dogs and sorry, what?

banned dogs

A city in China has all but banned people from having dogs.

Officials in Wenshan have enforced laws that will stop owners from bringing their dogs for walks during day light hours between 7am and 10pm.

The order also forbids people from bringing their dogs to public parks, shopping centres, sports facilities and other public spaces.

When the dogs are walked, they must be on a lead held by an adult. The lead also must be no longer than three feet.

Sky News reports that Wenshan’s ban has gone much further than other parts of the country that also hold restrictions for dogs.

This breeds from the belief of Communist China’s founder Mao Zedong that dogs are a “bourgeois affectation” – a statement that flies in the face of many Chinese people who have become increasing interested in buying and adopting dogs over the past few years.

Officials say the ban was enforced to reduce dog attacks and to stop the spread of rabies.

According to local news site Pear Video, a Wenshan urban management official said the order was introduced after many residents complained about frequent attacks in the area.

The 15 hour ban was enforced to allow people exercising and travelling to and from work time to do so without dogs.