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04th Jun 2021

You can get paid £40 an hour to sunbathe in the UK

Where can we sign up?

The UK keeps making us jealous this year, it was hard enough watching their restaurants open but now they’re paying people to sunbathe.

Just as the good weather hits, a website called is looking for five lucky people to test out some garden furniture – by sitting out in the sun all day.

The gardening and review website posted that they are searching for people to review the products and offered a whopping £40 an hour for the gig.

Naming the new recruits the Parasol Patrol, and all they’ll have to do is give their thoughts on garden umbrellas, sun loungers and other garden accessories.

With an array of products sent out to the lucky candidates, they will spend five hours a week for a month lounging out in the sun – so where can we sign up?

The company asks that those taking part wear factor 50 sunscreen which will also be provided as well as as many snacks and beverages that your heart desires.

This doesn’t sound like work at all, this is heaven on earth.

The company also urges candidates to reapply their sunscreen every two hours and recommends that nobody “works” for longer than three hours a day.

Unfortunately, you must be living in the UK to apply but if you happen to be living over there, you can apply here.