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11th Mar 2021

British politician calls for 6pm curfew for men after Sarah Everard disappearance

Sarah McKenna Barry

The politician made an impassioned plea for women’s safety.

A Green Party peer in the UK has suggested a curfew for men in response to the disappearance of Sarah Everard earlier this week.

Baroness Jones was speaking to the House of Lords when she made the suggestion.

She said: “In the week that Sarah Everard was abducted and, we suppose, killed—because remains have been found in a woodland in Kent — I argue that, at the next opportunity for any Bill that is appropriate, I might put in an amendment to create a curfew for men on the streets after 6pm.”

The politician continued: “I feel this would make women a lot safer, and discrimination of all kinds would be lessened.”

The curfew for men echoes similar proposals from the 1970s amid the Yorkshire Ripper murders.

The Baroness’ suggestion comes as the investigation into the disappearance of Sarah Everard continues. Sarah went missing on 3 March. She was walking home from a friend’s house at the time.

Earlier this week, a Metropolitan Police officer was arrested in connection with the disappearance. On Wednesday, investigators found human remains in Kent. Authorities have said that it is too early to confirm the identity.

Throughout the week, many women have shared their frustration and sadness in relation to the case, as well as the conversations surrounding the safety measures women are encouraged to take.

On Twitter, comedian Caitlin Moran wrote: “Being a woman: my “outside” day finishes at sundown. If I haven’t taken the dog for a walk/jogged by then, I can’t. In the winter, it often means the choice between exercise and work. Today, I had to stop work at 4 to exercise. My husband worked until 6, and is now off for a run.”

A Reclaim These Streets vigil is set to take place on Saturday evening in Clapham.


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