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11th Apr 2018

A brand new stadium and shopping centre is coming to the suburbs of Dublin

Olivia Hayes

Well, this sounds… interesting.

Dublin football club St Patrick’s Athletic has revealed major plans for a brand new development.

The club is currently hoping to build a new 12,000 seater stadium in Inchicore. However, as well as that club bosses want to build the stadium on top of a new shopping centre. Ambitious.

According to FM104, the project would also include leisure and community facilities.

St Pats Reveal Plans For New Stadium And Shopping Centre.

Tom O’Mahony, President of St Pats told the station: “The key to this is the town centre. It gives Inchicore a brand new town centre. Only someone living in Inchicore could explain how big a different it would make to them.

“The beauty of it from the clubs point of view is that it’s the retail element that funds the stadium relatively easy.”

Dublin City Council have already revealed plans for the area, which include a number of housing units and apartments.

The stadium would be financially independent and won’t rely on any Government grants. It’ll also be independently managed, and could serve as a venue for other events.

If planning permission is granted, the project could be complete by 2020, however it is unknown how much it will cost.