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04th Apr 2018

Wrap up: It’s set to drop to -4 in parts of the country tonight

But the weekend is looking MUCH better.

Rory Cashin


But just wait until you hear the weather forecast for this weekend.

Despite the heavy rain and impending cold front, there are no weather warnings yet in place for the country, but we imagine that could possibly change the closer we get to Wednesday night.

According to Met Eireann, temperatures in the country for Wednesday evening into Thursday morning will be dropping to anywhere between -1 and -4 degrees.

So if you had put away the extra blankets and hot water bottles, then you might want to break them back out again.

Having said that, it looks like this will be the last night you’ll need them for a while.

This weekend sees the temperatures take a drastic turn for the better… although they also come at a cost.

Mixing the old, bad, cold weather with the new, good, warm weather will essentially result in a mini-storm hitting the country, as there are predictions of Saturday having heavy, slow moving rain, with the risk of thunder and spot flooding.

But on the plus side, it will be somewhere between 12 and 15 degrees outside… if you can even find the sun behind the clouds.

So… hooray?