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04th Apr 2022

Andrew McGinley shares heartbreak as he fills out the Census alone


After tragically losing his three children in 2020, Andrew McGinley has admitted that when it came to filling out the census last night, the tragedy of his loss came back.

Andrew lost his three children in 2020 after they were sadly killed by their mother Deirdre Morley. She was later found not guilty of murder due to reason of insanity.

Along with the rest of the country, he filled out the Census form and it brought back the realisation that his children Carla, Darragh and Conor aren’t being counted on it for the first time since their deaths.

Constantly vowing to “keep his children’s memories alive”, Andrew started a Twitter account Conor’s Clips where he shares photos and videos of his children, which is where he shared the heartbreaking update.

Sharing a photo of the Census form that only featured his own name rather than five, the way his previous Census would have had, the 54 year old wrote: “A very lonely census form.”

He continued in a second post: “I’ve gotten through birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas … but it ends up being Census Day that floors me and beats the crap out of me.

“Tomorrow is another day though and I will celebrate the lives of Conor, Darragh & Carla and remind you all again of their magnificence.”

Andrew received hundreds of messages of support online following the tweets.

Maia Dunphy wrote: “Oh Andrew. They may not be on that form, but they’re in so many of our hearts thanks to you. I hope you’ll write something about them in the time capsule. Thinking of you.”

Another wrote: “thinking of ye all Andrew….. use that time capsule to make it a little less lonely looking…. your precious children are loved still, their names are as important as yours, let them reside with you on that form as well as in your heart and mind.”

A third added: “Hundreds and thousands of us are with you in spirit Andrew, you do not know our names but please take comfort from that fact that we are with you and thinking of you.”

A fourth said: “Every day you make me smile with your memories of your sweet innocent children, I forget the absolute heartbreak each day must bring for you yet you get up every morning and keep going. Big hugs not just today but every day. Grá mór.”