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03rd Mar 2023

Toy Show star Adam King undergoes successful surgery

Adam King is now recovering at home.

Toy Show star Adam King is doing well after a successful surgery.

Adam underwent surgery to get rods replaced in both of his legs.

His family confirmed the news on Twitter this afternoon.

They also shared that Adam is now recovering at home.

Alongside a photo of Adam in his hospital bed, they wrote:

“Adam had a scheduled surgery yesterday to get rods replaced in both his legs.

“It was a major success and we’re delighted to share he’s now recovering at home.”

The surgery took place at Cork University Hospital, but Adam is now back home.

Adam’s family praised the staff for taking such good care of him.

“Thanks so much to everyone at Cork University Hospital for the amazing work you do. Please if you can support CUH.”

Adam has a brittle bone condition called osteogenesis imperfecta.

The rare, lifelong genetic condition affects both the bones, as well as the connective tissue.

Symptoms include bone fragility, short stature and scoliosis, and other skeletal deformities.

Patients may also have loose joints, blue sclerae, hearing impairment, dentinogenesis imperfecta, and fragile teeth.

Adam has the most severe form of this condition (type III) compatible with life.

There is currently no cure for the rare disease, but there is treatment available.

There are also multiple stem cell trials happening around the world.

Adam’s family hopes he can continue these therapies in the future.

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