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17th Aug 2018

80 students’ Leaving Cert results withheld due to cheating fears

Jade Hayden

80 students’ Leaving Cert results have been withheld over fears that they might have cheated.

According to the State Examinations Commission, 43 students’ results are being permanently withheld and a further 37 are still being investigated.

Guidance Councillor Brian Mooney said that all students are warned about cheating risks prior to each exam via rules posters outside examination centres and the exam invigilators themselves.

Speaking on Morning Ireland today, he said that if a student is found to have breached exam regulations to further their attempt at achieving higher points, the evidence must be examined and the results are withheld.

Often, the grade of the examination paper in question is simply not supplied, but in more extreme cases, the results of the entire Leaving Cert can be withheld.

This can affect a student’s ability to gain entry to certain third level courses depending on the subject in question.