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08th Oct 2013

Survey Reveals Most Common Car Nickname Among Irish Drivers

Go on, have a guess...

A new survey has revealed that Betsy is the most common nickname used by Irish motorists for their car.

The study, conducted by AA Motor Insurance, discovered that Betsy was the most popular nickname among drivers with Baby and Bessy following closely behind.

Betty and Daisy rounded off the top five with Herbie (as in from the Disney film The Love Bug), Big Bertha and Nellie all named as favourites.

There were also a few risqué ones in the mix, most notably The Flying Banana and Orgasmatron (why, just why?).

In addition the survey found, as you may have guessed from the range of titles, that women are more likely than men to give their vehicle a name.

Speaking of which there are a few we wanted to throw into the mix from our own experiences including Flick, Two-Tonne Tessy, Polly and Suzie.

Herbie was another popular nickname used by Irish motorists.