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30th Sep 2013

Her Good Service: Making Sure You’re Safe on the Roads

Top tips from our pals at Windsor Motors

It’s a simple fact of sensible motoring that your car needs to be serviced at intervals of time/kilometres in order to keep it running efficiently.  

New cars should be serviced at regular intervals to keep their warranty active, while car servicing and general maintenance will keep your car in good mechanical working condition, ensuring the safety of your passengers and other road users.  

The average car requires one full service every two years, with an interim service in between each full service. This varies depending on the distance covered, so if you’re regularly on the road, make sure your car is in tip top condition!


We’ve already outlined seven reasons why you should get a service from our pals at Windsor Motors, so for good measure, here are seven more!

  • With each service, Windsor Motors also provide a detailed vehicle health check report on the car that informs customers of any upcoming changes needed on the car with a timescale for each issue e.g. brake pads will need to be changed in x weeks.
  • Windsor Motors also provide a free wash and vac with each service.
  • They only use premium grade oils, fluids and coolant, and ensure that the correct grades are used in each component. Poor quality oils, or wrongly specified grades can cause premature wear and damage.
  • They guaranteed their work and enable you to take advantage of the Manufacturers guarantee on parts.
  • They have comfortable waiting areas with free tea, coffee, newspapers & TV. Where applicable they have free courtesy cars and a collection and delivery service.
  • They maintain detailed records of the work carried out on your car so that they can advise you accurately on work that needs to be done.
  • Windsor Motors practise environmentally friendly disposals of waste oils, fluids, batteries and scrap metal.



For more, visit the Windsor Motors website.