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18th Nov 2016

You won’t make it through this list without recognising a friend’s name

Magic is real.

Ireland is really small as we all know, there’s roughly two degrees of separation between all of us. There’s also about seven names going around in rotation between us, with a few flamboyant and exotic ones thrown in for good measure.

I’ve put together the most common first names for females in Ireland and combined them with the most common surnames in Ireland. This is not trickery or some David Blaine bullshit, this is magic and it is real.

Try make it through the list without recognising either your name or the name of someone you know.

Emma Murphy

Emily Kelly

Ella Fitzpatrick

Sophie Walsh

Amelia Brennan

Aoife O’ Sullivan

Ailbhe Dunne

Lucy Kavanagh

Grace Lyons

Sarah O’ Neill

Maeve Foley

Anna Brown

Chloe Mullan

Hannah Quinn

Kate Ryan

Cliodhna O’ Donnell

Lily Wilson

Caoimhe O’ Brien

Sophia Stewart

Lauren Fitzgerald

Saoirse Moran

Ellie McMahon

Holly Ward

Leah O’ Shea

Amy Donovan

Olivia Brady

Jessica Higgins

Ciara O’ Doherty

Zoe Lynch

Isabelle Griffin

Niamh Hayes

Molly McLoughlin

Julie Smith

Robyn Sweeney

Erin McKenna

Roisín McGrath

Freya Johnson

Laura Byrne

Cara McDermott

Sofia Graham

Eva Casey

Rachel Keane

Isabella Reid

Kayla Campbell

Abbie Clarke

Charlotte Hughes

Millie Gallagher

Faye O’ Mahony

Clodagh O’ Connor

Aisling Kenny

Alice Sheehan

Eabha Doyle

Abigail King

Ellen Burke

Lexi Thompson

Aoibheann Whelan

Layla Maher

Eve Collins

Zara Power

Alannah Cullen

Áine McCarthy

Maria O’ Reilly

Megan Duffy

Rebecca O’ Connell

Nicole White

Sadbh Kennedy

Clara Moloney

Elizabeth Flynn

Maya Scott

Emilia Murray

Caitlin Donnelly

Rosie McDonald

Isabel Boyle

Orla Cunningham

Sadie Farrell

Lena Moore

Hayleigh McDonnell

Sienna McGuire

Mary O’ Keeffe


Suzanne Bell

Andrea O’ Leary

Tara Nolan

Hannah Martin

Sinéad O’ Callaghan

Lilly Robinson

Ruth Connolly

Alexandra McNamara

Poppy White

Amber O’ Rourke

Mollie Burns

Victoria Healy

Lara Regan

Sara Dwyer

Brooke Magee

Kayleigh Flanagan

Laoise O’ Carroll

Mairéad Hogan




Data via Irish Geneaology