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01st Dec 2016

Victoria’s Secret models aren’t as impressive in everyday situations

We get it, you’re hot.

The Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show took place last night, where lots of really attractive girls walked up and down a stage for a very large sum of money.

People lose their reason over these blatantly inhuman specimens and their gift from God bodies. It’s their job to look that nice, just like it’s your job to photocopy things for your arsehole boss, Niamh.

Here’s some Victoria’s Secret models (poorly) Photoshopped into everyday situations to prove that they are just like you and I.

Bella Hadid looks pretty ridiculous waiting to take a few beans out of the ATM dressed like that

Young happy businessman withdrawing money from a cash machine and looking at the camera.


Sanne Vloet looks like a lunatic dressed like that getting the few bits in Dunnes

All trademark removed! :)


Izabel Goulart is getting nothing but shade from a stranger who also waiting on the 46A

istanbul / Turkey 2011 winter


Lily Donaldson looks utterly ridiculous coming out of McDonalds after having a Happy Meal, which she definitely ate

Essen, Germany - June 21, 2015: Entrance of McDonalds at station Essen in midsummer evening and sunset light around 22am. Inside are people sitting upstairs behind window. Two men are leaving McDonalds, others are entering. Behind entrance is desk and there are people.


Lais Ribeiro has brought shame upon her entire family going up for communion looking like that

Jerusalem, Israel - February 15, 2013: Christians taking part in Eucharist. Saint Trinity Cathedral, main church of Russian orthodox mission.


Lais Oliveira’s outfit was decidedly ignored at the Last Supper, and rightfully so

Vienna - Mosaic of Last supper of Jesus by Giacomo Raffaelli from year 1816 as copy of Leonardo da Vinci work on January 15. 2013 in VIenna.