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09th May 2016

This name of this burger in Burger King Japan will give you a giggle


Japan is truly, a magical place.

It’s an exotic world away from Ireland with its own language, style, clothes and food.

One Irish student noticed a rather peculiar delight in a Burger King in Japan with quite a surprising name.

Benji Foley, a DCU student on his Erasmus year in Japan witnessed this hilarious picture while out with his mates and NEEDED to take a pic to show his friends back home.

hash1Image via Twitter

Talking to us, Benji revealed how he found the dank burger in question:

“They call hash browns just “hash” here which is funny enough as it is…

“I was just like “hash is drugs” and they were like “….no hash is potato benji”.

While Benji did not try the burger in question, being a dab hand at Japanese he translated the ingredients of the Hash & Cheese burger (and it sounds pretty gross).

“The Hash & Cheese is a pork patty and hash [brown] that comes with cheddar cheese, cheese sauce, and pepper Caesar sauce, in a sesame seed bun”.

So pork, cheese, cheese and hash brown? Yikes.

You’d get some pretty WEIRD looks asking for a hash & cheese in Dublin that’s for sure.