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08th Nov 2016

People love the Mam who has closed her living room for a month

Serious parenting goals here

Nothing feels better than settling into a freshly cleaned, mess-free room.

Sadly, on the flipside, few things are more heart-breaking than watching that lovely clean room slowly transform into inevitable chaos.

It is completely understandable, nay admirable, that one mother has decided to shut up shop for the next few weeks.

17-year-old Nick Denbow explains to Buzzfeed that his family are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at their house in Ohio. His mum, Michele Keylor, has decided to close the living room in preparation.

“She has told us to stay out of rooms that she’s just cleaned before but never completely ‘closed’ it for a month,” said Nick.

Nick shared that not even the dogs have crossed the threshold into the living room.

“There’s no barricade or anything to keep them out,” he said. “It’s just like they know to stay out.”

People are LOVING it on Twitter.