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25th Sep 2018

The invisible box challenge is going viral and we attempted it

Have you got the skills?

Denise Curtin

It’s back again.

And we are still speechless. HOW are these people doing this? HOW HOW HOW.

A woman called Ariel from Varsity Cheer, Preston Minnesota has our minds blown by taking on and successfully completing the invisible box challenge.

Check this out…

This was the original from Dontez Hinez. Incredible.

And now the people of Twitter are taking on the challenge too.

SO, it seems only right for the purpose of experimentation that team Her attempted the challenge too.

I got our content creators Olivia, Orlaith, Anna and Laura up out of their chairs to give it a whirl and well… they tried their best.

Orlaith surprised us with her skills and kinda nailed it.

Here is a close up…

Think we will stick to the day job however.

You too can check out the whole attempt over on our Instagram @herdotie.

AND, if you’re brave enough to attempt it, do tweet us we are @herdotie.