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06th Oct 2019

Dog-O-lanterns are literally the cutest Halloween trend we’ve ever seen

Rebecca O'Keeffe

halloween trend


Halloween is on the way, and there’s a certain spookiness in the air.

There will be costumes, sweets and pumpkins galore.

That kind of leads us to 2018s hottest Halloween trend: dog-O-lanterns.

Rather than carving faces into pumpkins, people are getting super creative.

Dog owners all over the Internet are carving images of their dogs into their pumpkins.

We’re impressed.

halloween trend

The carvings are so incredibly detailed and intricate, we reckon they’d take HOURS to create.

DoggieDoc is a fan of this trend, and recently wrote a post on the best advice for creating a dog-O-lantern.

“Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays, and pumpkin carving was something I especially looked forward to as it was a great way to channel my artistic skill and interest into the holiday.”

“I only carve real pumpkins. Though it is disappointing that they do not last, they offer a unique final appearance that is not matched by the synthetic foam pumpkins.”

“A carving may take between 8 and 20 hours of total carving time, not including pattern drawing and transfer.”

20 hours seems pretty excessive tbh.

“I light my pumpkins using a CFL bulb on a cord. Candles are simply not enough light.”

Anyway, here are some of our favourite doggo pumpkins at the moment: