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15th Dec 2017

The BBC accidentally aired footage of a giant sex toy at 9.08am

Ah, god.
sex toy


There’s nothing wrong with a big ol’ sex toy.

They don’t cause harm, they don’t exist to cause offence and, in fact, they actually make a lot of people very, very happy.

Images of them are, however, usually reserved for the evening time when the kids are sound asleep and nobody’s eating their Cheerios before heading off to work.

The BBC don’t seem to care about this general rule of thumb though because this morning their breakfast show accidentally aired some footage of a dildo being waved around in a crowd while Stormzy sang a song.


The sex toy seemed to go unnoticed by Stormzy, and the BBC Breakfast presenters, who simply watched it and then continued on with their interview.

People on Twitter, however, were that bit sharper.

Think of the children indeed, Stephen.

Maybe it’s time to update those sex ed classes after all.