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08th Nov 2016

6 things that always happened on Paisean Faisean

Paisean Faisean was lit.

Who knew that such a simple format of men buying outfits for women could result in the most gripping Irish television programme of the early 2000s.

Ne’er a day went by that I wasn’t glued to TG4 to see what unlikely lads had volunteered to make a holy show of themselves on national television, with the presenter excitedly egging them on.

The episodes got a bit repetitive after a while, but that didn’t stop us judgemental teens from watching with our critical eyes and fashionable minds.

Here’s 6 things that happened during every episode of Paisean Faisean.

1. The girl was always the same person


Not literally, but the hopeful hun was always the same category of girl. Teacher, sporty, hates stripes, wears casual clothes during the day but likes getting dressed up for nights out, and prefers athletic boys that are up for a laugh. As she showed the presenter her wardrobe, she’d always have a rogue Halloween outfit sticking out, ripe for ridicule and jest. “Oh yeah I was a sexy nurse last Halloween, haha, don’t show this on camera”, she says as she shoves it back into the spot she’d specifically placed it in earlier in the hopes of getting to appear mortified about it.


2. The lads were blatantly not Gaeilgeoirs


The bauld buachaillí always seemed like the producers had roped them into taking part roughly twelve minutes before they started filming. They had big giddy heads on them and spoke Irish with the same conviction of a primary school student hoping to get out of homework on the grounds of good behaviour. The Irish translation of their names never particularly suited them either, as they’d shudder each time Risteard, Pádraig or Micheál was uttered by the presenter. Just call him Patrick, we know he’s from Ranelagh and did foundation Irish in the Leaving.


3. Despite the girl’s warnings, the boys always went against her wishes


Our Róisín would say in her little piece to camera that she can’t stand the colour red. It doesn’t suit her, makes her look very pale and reminds her of the famine. As the boys digest her video diary, some even taking notes, one eejit always set out to change the girl’s mind. “I’m going to pick out a nice red dress for her”, says Pádraig, proudly. More the fool you, Pádraig. Róisín can’t stand red and you’re going to get your arse handed to you on that dress, you big eejit.


4. The presenter was always very flirty with the buachaillí


We had our fair share of presenters on Paisean Faisean, from Aoife, to Bláthnaid, to Mairéad, to the nation’s sweetheart, Síle Seoige. One common thread that tied these women together was that they’d definitely been instructed to be a bit flirty with the lads to put them at ease. Aoife would often given a reassuring upper arm squeeze as she checked in to see how their shopping was going, while Síle was no stranger to a wink. It was fun to watch and then imagine a massive row break out behind the scenes over who got to take home hunky Risteard.


5. They always came in WAY under budget


The boys were given a frankly extreme budget of €400 to get the young cailín an outfit. Some were as brazen and would just spend the full whack on a ballgown, but most went for the classic combination of jeans and a nice top. What was most irritating to the viewer was the fact that a) they never accessorised and b) they always came in way under budget. So often they’d turn up with €200 pocket change, thrilled with themselves at the leftovers. Live your life, Pádraig. Spend €250 on a necklace, it’s not your money and blatantly all being returned in an hour.


6. The girl always went back on her word and picked her least favourite colour


After making it blatantly clear during the interview segment that she hates red clothes, Róisín always ended up going for the red power suit that Micheál had smugly bought. “I usually don’t even like red, but that’s a lovely shade and I’m a sucker for a power suit”, she’d say, as he arrogantly nodded to the camera. In his final piece to camera, Micheál reveals the secret to his success, “Girls always change their mind, so did the exact opposite of what she said hahahaha”. Yeah, gas. Enjoy the date!




Images via YouTube