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06th Mar 2018

A woman who tried to become ‘Insta-famous’ reveals it led to serious financial ruin

Do it for the 'gram.

Denise Curtin

How far would you go?

A woman who strived to become famous on Instagram has revealed the crazy lengths she went to, to try and create the perfect “Insta” life to attract thousands of followers.

Lissette Calveiro, 26, from Miami, US, decided to commit her life to chasing her dream to become a household name on the popular photo sharing platform. From crazy shopping sprees, to luxury items over thousands of euros, Lissette explained she would go shopping for clothes to take “the perfect ’gram”.

The 26-year-old also spent endless amounts of money on expensive overseas trips and luxury goods, all with the sole purpose of creating great images for her account.

However, her lavish lifestyle and hopes for fame all caught up with her and it became far from picture perfect filtered squares.

“I was living a lie… I was living above my means,” she told the New York Post. On an internship wage, living in New York City, Lissette racked up a debt of $13,000 (€10,500).

Now Lissette, who has 19,000 followers on Instagram has explained that she has had to drastically cut her spending and budget her money more as striving for the “perfect” Instagram life was just unsustainable.

She also revealed to the New York Post that she has worries for the upcoming generation and fears more young people, like herself, will become brain washed by trivial things on Instagram and led to believe they are most important.

Lisette is still using Instagram however is now paying off her debt and taking a far more “realistic” approach.