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05th Oct 2018

A woman ghosted her boyfriend of five years and he absolutely deserved it

Harsh and yet so, so fair.

Jade Hayden


Ordinarily, we would not be the biggest fans of ghosting.

Dropping someone from your life without so much as a whisper of a warning is not so much a mild irritant as it is fairly cruel and just a bit rude, to be honest.

It’s unnecessary and everybody would be much better off with at least a text to say ‘I don’t like you anymore, bye.’

However, one woman recently ghosted her boyfriend of five years and she was absolutely justified in doing so.

The anonymous woman shared her story on Reddit and there is only one word to describe her – heroic.

She said:

“I came over to his house one morning to surprise him with breakfast and a video game he wanted, only to find him naked, asleep, and with his ex curled up in his arms.

“He didn’t hear me come in, so I closed his bedroom door, and left his breakfast and game on the kitchen counter along with my key to his house.”


The woman went on to say that she went to her car, blocked her (now ex) boyfriend on all social media, changed her number, and informed her friends and family that they were no longer together.

She was starting a new job in a new city the following week, so she didn’t have much trouble packing up her things and leaving.

Harsh, and yet so, so fair.

“I completely removed myself from him and didn’t offer a shred of explanation or opportunity for dialogue.

“I disappeared from his life after his betrayal and I think it’ll not only help me to focus on myself without his presence, but I think completely shutting myself off from him will hurt worse than anything when he thinks on how good he had it with me these last 5 years.”

What a woman.

Other people thought so too and they took to Twitter to say so.

Cold, indeed.