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23rd May 2016

Well this is a very unique approach to Tinder…

Finding employment after college can be really tricky.

It’s a tough world out there and gaining the attention of a potential employer is a truly difficult feat.

One London graduate was forced to steer her fate in a different direction and has taken to Tinder to bag her dream job.

Jessica Anderson, 20, has just moved to London and is desperate to find work. She told The Metro that she has applied for over 150 jobs but hasn’t had much luck.

Jessica thought uploading her CV to her Tinder profile would be a clever way to get her qualifications out to people en masse.

“I felt totally demotivated,” Jessica told

“Then I just thought – there are over 8 million people in London right now, a lot will be using Tinder – and maybe some of those using Tinder will know of opportunities or have contacts to help me.”

Her profile included screenshots of her CV and cover letter.


Jessica was bombarded with messages in one day, receiving over 500 messages. Some offered her support on how to network and others gave her advice on how to get her foot in the door.

Jessica says she’s now in contact with a few organisations.


“I’m now in contact with different people working for organisations such as BBC and Sony and a big response from people working in marketing. A lot of people want to help and are impressed that it is a random but innovative way to find a job,” she says.

“My dream would be to gain work experience in broadcasting, but I’m ready for a challenge and would love to be involved in an internship over the summer where I can learn a lot from it. Watch this space,” she concluded.

images via The Metro.