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02nd May 2018

Warning issued over new ‘advanced’ Netflix security scam doing the rounds

Jade Hayden

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A warning has been issued over a new “advanced” Netflix security scam doing the rounds.

Users have been receiving emails about a supposed Netflix subscription expiry with the subject line: “Your cancellation confirmation.”

The email claims that the user’s subscription renewal failed and that if this isn’t remedied, their membership will be cancelled.

Users are then asked to click a red button within the email that say “Restart subscription.”

ESET Ireland has warned Netflix users that this is a very “advanced” scam that “… collects victims’ credit card numbers for the cybercriminals.”

They said:

“We’ve seen similar ‘Netflix scams’ before, but the current seems to be even more advanced.

“The button links to a convincing looking fake Netflix website, complete with “https” with a padlock and an address that looks Irish.”

They also shared screenshots of an email they received to highlight the advanced nature of the scam.

The email looks like this:

Users are then asked to ‘sign in’ with their email and password.

They are then asked to input their address, billing details, and other personal information.

The website page even has a security certificate to make it look legitimate.

The page then redirects users back to the original Netflix website.

ESET has urged users to be wary of the scam, to avoid inputting any of their details, and to check their subscription status through the regular Netflix page.

Suspicious emails should also be deleted.