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17th Feb 2014

VIDEO: “Rhyming Kodak With Feckin’ Kodak” – Kildare Footballer Pens Hilarious Song To Pitbull

We think we may have just fallen in love...


Kildare footballer, Michael Konstantin, might just be’s new favourite person, thanks to this next video.

Konstantin decided to put pen to paper and write about his beef with Pitbull and a few others successful artists.

The Lilywhites man isn’t a huge fan of ‘Mr. Worldwide’, Will.I.Am, or Conor Maynard, and expresses his frustrations at folk who are.

The YouTube description reads: “Original song I wrote about how much I love Pitbull and some other musical artists….(don’t be taking any offense to it now Pit, and the other lads, it’s only a bit of craic)”[sic]

The footballer makes a suggestion in his song, “Maybe if I scream and shout, I’ll make money without selling out.” Michael, we don’t doubt it for a minute.

Thankfully Michael has typed out the lyrics so we can all sing along.

I’m Sick of Pitbull (Non-Explicit Version):

I’m sick of hearing Pitbull on the radio
And songs that just go oh oh oh
It just, doesn’t make sense to me
Why people love them genuinely
Is this what music is all about
Well maybe if I scream and shout
Maybe if I scream and shout
I’ll make money without selling out

Will.I.AM can just **** off, he doesn’t sing or rap well he just talks
And uses autotune now and then, and says awh baby yeah, again and again and again
Throws a few full stops into his name, for that little bit of extra fame
Well he knows how to play this game, for emphasis make sure lyrics are always the same
Lyrics are always the same, lyrics are always the same
Awh yeah baby yeah baby awh baby yeah in the mother****** club baby awh baby yeah
Well these lyrics they change my life, I can feel it inside
Yeno it really makes me want to cry


Conor Maynard’s not bad, are you having a laugh? What kinda flippin statement is that?
But then he’s a millionaire, so if I was him I wouldn’t care
And get everyone else to write my songs, girls in skimpy clothes to dance along
So nobody would listen to me, they’d be all distracted by the girls they see
And the final straw came with Pitbull, and his lyrical skills
Rhyming kodak with f*ckin kodak, down my spine sent a shrill
And I simply had enough, and I had to draw a line
So I turned off the radio, for the last f*cking time

Chorus x 2

Video via YouTube/Michael Konstantin. Check out his Facebook page here.

Tip of the hat to Mick O’Grady for sending this one our way – Thanks Mick!