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04th Jun 2023

‘A lot of queer joy’- Trans pregnant man bravely stands up to cruel trolls

Kat O'Connor

“I feel like there are always going to be people in the comments and keyboard warriors”

A trans man has bravely spoken out against trolls who targeted him when he was pregnant with his daughter. The incredible Logan Brown graced the cover of Glamour this month and opened up about how he deals with online bullying.

Trans dad Logan was hit with waves of abuse during his pregnancy but stressed that the trolls will never win. In a moving interview, the proud dad shut down trolls who claimed men can’t get pregnant.

He told Glamour, “I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I’d been off testosterone for a while due to some health issues. It was like my whole world just stopped.”

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Logan explained that his “manlihood completely felt like it was erased”.

After the initial shock, the proud dad decided to embrace his pregnancy. He faced horrific online abuse, but there was also a lot of love out there for him and his growing family.

Logan said: “I feel like there are always going to be people in the comments and keyboard warriors on Instagram. These people say things online that they would probably never say to my face.”

Despite the waves of awful abuse, Logan and Bailey “received a lot of love, a lot of queer joy”.

Logan gave birth to their daughter Nova in May. His beautiful daughter has two proud and courageous dads and isn’t that what matters most?

Feature Image: LoganCBrown/Instagram


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